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About Me

About me, my name is Kendra and I was born and raised in Southern Ohio.  I am a momma to 4 kids and going on unexpected adventures is our favorite hobby. We love swinging on ropes, riding motorcycles, climbing rocks and playing super Nintendo. 

Since a young age, I’ve always wanted my work to serve a greater good. That is- to fulfill the needs we all have as human beings for meaning and inspiration in our lives through the power of our faith. I’ve focused my abilities on creating artistic photography that highlights and reaffirms the meaning we derive from our most treasured relationships and memories throughout our lives. I love to capture real moments while helping create connection points during a session. 

Photography transports us back in time to a place, to a memory, a permanent engravement capturing the true essence of life’s most treasured moments. My purpose as your photographer is to capture a timeless and artistic collection of photographs that will reawaken you to the meaning in each special moment captured.

Contact Me

Kendra Vegh

Lancaster, OH

Tel: 740-407-7806

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